Iress DDO solution

Case Study - Iress' grand plan for an industry-wide DDO solution

From 5 October this year, new design and distribution obligations (DDO) will be imposed on financial product issuers and distributors.

Frontier Advisors Climate Change Hedge

Case Study - Frontier Advisors Climate Change Hedge

In a new research paper it is circulating to clients, investment advice consultancy Frontier Advisors is exploring how derivatives could help institutional investors further hedge against the risk of climate change and the transition to a low carbon economy.

Fund Executives Association Limited (FEAL) and Melbourne Business School (MBS) Masters program

Case study - FEAL Data Analytics Module

Now in its thirteenth year, the Fund Executives Association Limited (FEAL) and Melbourne Business School (MBS) Masters program continues to provide executives in the superannuation a tailored course designed to help them advance to the next step of their career.

PX Partners

Case study - PX Partners

Tanushree Dabral and Jon O'Keefe have launched PX Partners, a firm that will supply outsourced Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) services to the financial services industry.

FASI fpCentral™ Aged Care

Case Study - FASI fpCentral™ Aged Care

After identifying a gap in the market, founder and executive officer of FASI (Financial Advice Service Innovation), Greg Harper, has launched a referral platform for aged care which he hopes will change the way people navigate their way through the available options.

Evergreen Consultants

Evergreen Ratings

Founder of investment consulting firm Evergreen Consultants, Angela Ashton, has launched a new research house, called Evergreen Ratings, which will focus on alternative investments.


Research Affiliates Asset Allocation Interactive

Global investment management firm Research Affiliates has made available its interactive asset allocation tool to Australian investors in Australian dollars.


Lonsec Sustainability Score

Ratings group Lonsec has launched a sustainability score which aims to provide a quantitative estimate of the net 'goodness' in a portfolio.


Pitch Labs

Pitcher Partners Adelaide has launched a subscription based accounting and financial advice service called Pitch Labs.


FASI fpCentral™ referral service

Financial Advice Service Innovation (FASI) has launched a national referral service - called FASI fpCentral™ - that connects aligned, FASEA-(Financial Advice Standards and Ethics Authority) accredited and FASI-approved financial planners/planning firms with service organisations to provide financial...