PAN-Tribal Global Equity Fund Highly Recommended

By Penny Pryor

Zenith Investment Partners has rated the PAN-Tribal Global Equity Fund Highly Recommended for the fifth year in a row.

The fund is managed by New York-based Davis Advisors, has a style-neutral approach, and is currency-unhedged and benchmark unaware.

In its research report, Zenith said its conviction in the fund "is underpinned by the high regard we hold for the depth and quality of the investment team" and says the team is "high calibre, which we view as a key competitive advantage for the fund".

"Despite a volatile year in global equity markets, that the Fund maintained this highest rating is a testament to Davis Advisors' team and the consistent application of their investment process," PAN-Tribal Asset Management chief executive officer, Colin Woods, said.

The fund is available on the AMP North, BT Panorama, Colonial FirstWrap, HUB24, MLC Wrap, Navigator and Netwealth platforms.