AAM Diversified Agriculture Fund "Highly Commended"

By Penny Pryor

Evergreen Ratings has rated the AAM Diversified Agriculture Fund (ADAF) "Highly Commended", citing its ability to provide investors a fresh investment avenue into the Australian agriculture sector.

The fund is a closed-ended fund with a portfolio of more than $600 million across diverse geographic regions and five commodity supply chains.

"We believe ADAF provides access for investors to be part of the Australian economy that has previously been the realm of primary producers and private market players," Evergreen founder and director, Angela Ashton said.

"This vehicle also has a wide exposure footprint, both in terms of individual asset sizes, sources of its revenues and, ultimately, risk characteristics."

ADAF launched in January 2020 and will be close-ended for seven years (as well as three possible one-year extensions). It is open to wholesale and sophisticated investors with a minimum investment amount of $100,000.