XTB Emerald Fixed Income Portfolio

XTB, an Australian-based provider of ASX-traded corporate bonds, has launched a fixed income portfolio of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) approved securities, called the XTB Emerald Fixed Income Portfolio.

The fund is a managed portfolio of individual bond units (XTBs). The companies in the XTB Emerald Fixed Income Portfolio have been selected by responsible investment platform, The Emerald Club. Bloomberg ESG Data is used to select companies with a strong track record of mitigating environmental, social, and governance risks, relative to alternatives.

The portfolio has an absolute return objective of 1% higher than the cash rate, with an investment risk profile less than equities and hybrids, and is available on the HUB24 platform.

"XTBs are helping to fill the gap between low risk, low return term deposits and higher risk equities in the Australian market," XTB co-founder and CEO, Richard Murphy, said.