Wentworth Williamson Stable Income Fund 'commended' by Evergreen Ratings

Evergreen Ratings has given the Wentworth Williamson Stable Income Fund a "Commended" rating, citing a "very high degree of conviction" that the fund will deliver on its 6 per cent-plus income target as reasons for the rating.

Wentworth Williamson launched the private debt fund in 2018 and it specialises in funding non-bank lenders. The fund has one major investment of providing funds to specialist lender to medical professionals Credabl. It is targeting an income return of the bank bill swap rate plus 6 per cent (net of fees of 1 per cent).

"The market dynamics are supportive of attractive risk-adjusted loan pricing which presents an opportunity for a capital provider to earn excess returns," Evergreen founder and chief executive officer, Angela Ashton, says.

"We do not believe the fundamentals of this market in Australia will deteriorate over the foreseeable future."