VanEck Vectors MSCI Multifactor Emerging Markets Equity ETF

VanEck has launched the MSCI Emerging Markets Diversified Multiple-Factor exchange traded fund (ASX:EMKT), which invests in a diversified portfolio of emerging markets listed securities.

The fund tracks the MSCI Emerging Markets Diversified Multiple-Factor Index, which seeks to maximise exposure to four factors - value, momentum, low size and quality - while maintaining a risk profile similar to that of the parent MSCI Emerging Markets Index.

"To date, Australian investors have had limited access to emerging markets, mostly relying on unlisted active managers. EMKT will have the low cost, transparency and liquidity benefits of an ETF. The index EMKT tracks is a rules-based smart beta strategy that has a strong history of outperformance compared to the benchmark MSCI Emerging Markets Index. To the end of February it has outperformed over 1, 3, 5, 10 and 15 year time periods," VanEck managing director and head of Asia Pacific, Arian Neiron,said.