Shining a spotlight on Legg Mason's Real Income Fund

Legg Mason Asset Management Australia

Designed and built in 2010 after consultation with a small focus group of advisers, the Legg Mason Martin Currie Real Income Fund was launched in December 2010 and has returned 16.4% p.a. in the three years to February 2016 after fees. The Fund currently includes an allocation to three buckets of real assets - a 53% weight to listed property (AREITs), 38% weight to listed utilities and 9% invested in listed infrastructure. The Fund manages more than $505 million and was recently added to the approved lists of ANZ's aligned dealer groups of RetireInvest, Millenium3 (M3) and Financial Services Partners (FSP). The Fund is also available to investors on BT Wrap, BT SuperWrap and BT Panorama as well as the recently added Asgard eWrap platform.

With its impressive results and low risk to investors, Beau Titchkosky, head of sales at Legg Mason said: "We are receiving strong demand from both portfolio constructors seeking an alternative to stand-alone AREITs, as well as advisers seeking an attractive income solution in a low interest rate environment."

Martin Currie Australia Portfolio Manager Ashton Reid said "with high levels of offshore government debt supressing interest rates and the prospects for global growth, the Fund offers investors a winning combination of a reliable income stream and inflation protection that's low risk."