Russell Investments - Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) management

Russell Investments

Russell Investments offers a unique suite of customised portfolio services tools and solutions to build discreet exposures that reflect your organisation's investment beliefs.

We combine our extensive research in beta exposures; a deep understanding of risk; and world-leading implementation to customise the solution to your policy requirements. Sustainalytics, a leading third-party ESG data provider, currently provides ESG data to Russell Investments and our clients on approximately 3,500 securities globally. Integrated with manager holdings and market data, this powerful analytical and reporting tool monitors ESG factors within our own portfolios and those of our clients on an ongoing basis. The research also allows clients to tilt their portfolios to higher scored companies, exclude bottom quartiles, or tailor to specific requirements.

This service allows us to identify and implement strategies to alter standard asset class exposures to create investment exposures customised to help you meet your specific responsible investment beliefs e.g. Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) measures, carbon exposure.