Platinum launches quoted Global Transition Fund

By Penny Pryor

Platinum Asset Management has listed a quoted version of its Platinum Global Transition Fund on the Australian Stock Exchange. The fund invests in 25-60 undervalued companies that are seeking to financially benefit from the transition away from fossil fuel-derived energy and goods production and consumption.

Areas that the fund looks at include: energy production and transmission; energy storage; energy efficiency; transport; emissions reduction; the circular economy; food production;

hydrocarbon substitutes; and materials, components and infrastructure used to enable the carbon transition.

Platinum suggests a minimum time frame of five years given the long term nature of most of the investments and has also opted for the fund to be automatically terminated on 1 July 2050 "Given the nature of the Fund, being a fund that is positioned to take advantage of the carbon transition over the coming 20 years or so."

The fund's management fees are 1.025 per cent plus a performance fee of 15 per cent of the amount by which the Fund's return exceeds a return of 6 per cent per annum.