OxCap's first fund

By Penny Pryor
Fidante Partners

Ox Capital Management, the boutique fund manager set up by former Platinum Asia Fund portfolio manager Joseph Lai with Fidante Partners, has launched its first fund - the Ox Capital Dynamic Emerging Markets Fund.

The new fund is a high-conviction portfolio of 30 to 50 Asian ex-Japan companies that are considered well-run but undervalued. It aims to outperform the MSCI Emerging Markets Net Total Return Index (AUD) Unhedged after costs over rolling five-year periods.

"OxCap's investment approach is to identify the immense changes taking place in Asia and other key emerging markets and buy good businesses that are positioned to take advantage of rapid economic growth that will result from these changing dynamics," Lai said.

"I have had the privilege and responsibility to manage money for clients for over 17 years investing in emerging markets, and I believe now more than ever that emerging markets are unusually undervalued."