MyNorth Managed Portfolios

AMP has launched 12 separately managed portfolios - the MyNorth Managed Portfolios - on its MyNorth, North, Summit and iAccess super, pension and investment platforms.

The new portfolios are constructed and managed by the AMP Research team and cover three investment categories - accumulation, income and objective-based. Investors in the portfolios own each of the individual assets in their chosen managed portfolio, and can track performance on North Online.

"The simplicity and ease through which the portfolios are accessed and administered will allow advisers to spend more time with clients," John Keating, AMP's head of platform development, said.

Later this year, AMP is planning on expanding its managed portfolio range to include direct access to equity investments.

AMP's North platforms received net cashflows of A$5.7 billion in 2017, and have grown to approximately A$35 billion in assets under management.