Milliman capital protection model portfolio overlay

Milliman Financial Risk Management (Milliman FRM) has launched a custom capital protection overlay for model portfolio and dealer group platforms.

The strategy allows dealer groups and platforms to apply a rules-based market risk management overlay to any model portfolio's underlying equity investments.

"Milliman's model portfolio solution meets the needs of investors such as retirees who cannot endure sustained market drawdowns that often occur with equity investments. It also allows model portfolio investment teams to extend their asset allocation capabilities with bespoke, risk-managed solutions across their accumulation and retirement models," Milliman's director of investment services, Michael Armitage said

The overlay can be used to develop 'white labelled' solutions and Fortnum Financial Advisers is the first firm to employ it. Fortnum has applied it across the full range of Innova model portfolios available via the HUB24 platform.