Kaplan to offer corporate workshops for financial service leaders

By Penny Pryor

Education provider Kaplan Professional will launch a new national series of MBA-style corporate workshops, which the provider says are designed to "unleash dynamic innovation in leadership strategy".

The workshops are ideally suited for leaders of all levels in financial services and who want to keep up with the unprecedented and unrelenting pace of change in the industry.

The first session is titled 'Data-driven design thinking: how to use data to amplify creativity and innovation at work' and will introduce participants to scientifically proven methods of both resolving stubborn problems and attaining important opportunities via the cultivation of ideas that work.

"These ideas work because they are underpinned not by intuition, which can often be unreliable, but by the collection and analysis of credible evidence that serves as a more dependable indicator of future success," Kaplan Professional's academic dean, professor James Adonopoulo, said.

"That is precisely what financial services professionals can expect to learn in this workshop which will be delivered by our expert facilitator, Daniel Archibald, who will be illustrating various analytical models and practices that place the needs, motivators and preferences of the customer (or any other stakeholder) at the very centre of the brainstorming and decision-making process."