Intelligent Investor Select Value Share Fund to list

By Penny Pryor

Intelligent Investor is launching the global Intelligent Investor Select Value Share Fund, which will invest in a concentrated portfolio of 10 to 35 undervalued Australian and global stocks.

"Over the years it's been increasingly frustrating discovering fantastic businesses overseas that are cheaper than their local competitors and having no way to harness that value for our investors," portfolio manager, Nathan Bell said.

The Select Value Share Fund is designed to take advantage of cheap valuations, combined with the fund manager's best Australian ideas. Intelligent Investor also prefers companies with management that has skin in the game.

Intelligent Investor says the fund is for investors with a higher risk appetite and it is set to list on the ASX on 31 March 2023. It has a management fee of 0.97 per cent and a performance fee of 15 per cent above the greater of ASX 200 Accumulation index and RBA Cash Rate subject to a high water mark.