Frontier Advisors Tokyo study tour

By Penny Pryor

Asset consultant Frontier Advisors is offering a study tour for industry professionals attending the annual PRI in Person conference in Tokyo this year. The PRI in Person conference is for signatories of the United Nation's Principals of Responsible Investing.

As its the first time in a long time the conference has been relatively close to Australia, Frontier expects a number of local asset owners will make their way there.

Frontier will leverage its local networks through its office in Tokyo - headed up by Yuichi Alex Takayama, along with its contacts within the PRI, to deliver a practical study tour.

Frontier Advisors director of marketing and business development, Wayne Sullivan, said the study tour would add value to the effort required to attend the conference just on its own.

It is also the first study tour post Covid for Frontier, which conducted its last study tour to India in 2019.