Foord Asset Management launches in Australia

By Penny Pryor

Foord Asset Management has launched its global equity fund to Australian investors and appointed Equity Trustees as local Responsible Entity (RE).

The new Foord Global Equity Australian Feeder Fund invests exclusively in the Foord SICAV- Foord Global Equity Fund (Luxembourg).

That fund invests in a diversified portfolio of global equities and aims to achieve a higher total rate of return than the MSCI All Country World Net Total Return Index, without assuming greater risk.

Foord said it was pleased to be able to offer its global equity strategy to Australian long-term investors.

"At Foord, investment management is about managing risk. Central to our philosophy is the preservation of capital through the cycle. Foord believes that minimising the permanent loss of capital is paramount to generating superior long-term returns," Agnes Cai, chief executive officer at Foord Asset Management Singapore, said.