Evergreen Consultants offering bespoke investment solutions

Evergreen Consultants

Launched by co-founders, Angela Ashton and Brett Baker, Evergreen Consultants is an investment consulting group that helps financial advisers and small institutions build customised model portfolios.

Commenting on the service, Ashton said: "Quality investment solutions cannot be mass produced and we know that every financial adviser's business is different. We work with financial planners to understand what their clients want and build bespoke solutions for them. We also monitor those solutions and provide high level research when needed at the manager level. Governance is a very important part of this process and we make sure the proper structure is in place to deliver a consistent offering to clients. That consistency adds value not only through returns but also through the client experience allowing businesses to grow and flourish."

"We pride ourselves on the four pillars of Evergreen which are:

  1. Independence which makes us nimble and strong;
  2. We work with a small number of clients to provide bespoke solutions to achieve their desired investment outcomes;
  3. Our experience allows us to build unique solutions in a cluttered market; and
  4. Collaborating with very experienced individuals who share our vision.

"We have a highly experienced board and work with a number of very qualified individuals on asset allocation to help us build the right solution in what is becoming a more and more complicated investment environment."