Ellerston lists hedge fund on ASX

By Penny Pryor

Ellerston Capital has listed the Ellerston Asia Growth Fund on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: EAFZ). The fund invests in a concentrated portfolio of 20 to 50 high quality, high growth, large cap Asian companies and is also rated as a responsible investment by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA).

The Ellerston Asia Growth Fund is already available as a unit trust (launched in January 2017 ) and is managed by portfolio manager Fredy Hoh.

Ellerston looks to identify companies with superior growth characteristics, sustainable earnings and quality management for the fund, which does not use short-selling but does use derivatives.

"Derivatives may be used as an alternative way to gain exposure to Asian Companies, to increase/decrease overall portfolio exposure within the prescribed limits, including foreign exchange exposures, or to protect or enhance the total performance of the fund," the fund's product disclosure statement says.