Cooper Investors Global Endowment Fund

Specialist equities fund manager Cooper Investors has launched its Global Endowment Fund - a wholesale unit trust version of an internal strategy it has been running since late 2016.

The fund will invest in a concentrated portfolio of 25 to 50 international listed securities. It will seek out high quality companies with a strong value proposition.

The Global Endowment Fund will use Cooper Investors VoF investment philosophy where VoF stands for:

  1. Value latency;
  2. Operating, industry and strategic trends; and
  3. Focused industry and management behaviour.

"This Endowment mindset way of investing is one of the biggest investment trends we've seen in the market place. Investing in a lower risk portfolio that aims to protect capital yet still experiencing market or above market returns over the longer term is highly desirable for those investors in pensions phase or for charities and foundations," Peter Cooper, founder and chief investment officer of Cooper Investors says.

It requires a minimum investment of $500,000 and has a management fee of 1 per cent per annum.