Contango Income Generator Ltd

Contango Asset Management

Contango Income Generator Limited (CIE) is a listed investment company (ASX: CIE) with the objective to deliver a sustainable income stream and modest capital growth to its shareholders over time.

To deliver on its objective, CIE aims to focus its investments on high yielding ASX listed securities that are outside of the largest 30 securities in the S&P ASX300 Index. This is because many investors are already exposed to these large cap stocks either directly or via existing managed fund or ETF investments. Contango Income Generator Limited is suitable for SMSFs, retirees, yield and income focused investors, or any investors that are over-exposed to the top 30 large cap stocks.

Contango Income Generator Limited is managed by Contango Asset Management Limited, using a top-down and bottom-up investment approach. Senior Portfolio Manager, Shawn Burns, has more than 30 years industry experience. He joined Contango Asset Management in 2012 after having previously held roles with stock analysis and portfolio management responsibilities at Zurich Investment Management, Deutsche Asset Management and UBS Global Asset Management.

Contango Income Generator Limited has a dividend policy to pay a minimum 6.5% p.a. on its Net Tangible Asset Value, paid quarterly from FY2018. The company may also pay additional special dividends when favourable market circumstances allow.

The launch date below refers to the date CIE listed on the ASX.

Contango Income Generator