BetaShares launches alternative energy ETFs

By Penny Pryor

BetaShares has launched a solar exchange traded fund - BetaShares Solar ETF (TANN), and a uranium ETF - Betashares Global Uranium ETF (URNM), which BetaShares says will offer investors access to two of the world's most important alternative energy sources.

The global uranium ETF will provide exposure to global companies involved in the mining, exploration, development and production of uranium, modern nuclear energy, or companies that hold physical uranium or uranium royalties.

The solar ETF will invest in global companies involved in the solar energy industry, including solar panel manufacturers, inverter suppliers, installers, and manufacturers of solar-powered charging and energy storage systems.

"Our new TANN ETF will offer investors exposure to a portfolio of leading companies that are making solar energy more accessible, reliable and a part of the globe's power grid. Importantly, it is suitable for investors who wish to ensure their portfolios include ethical and responsible exposures," BetaShares chief executive officer, Alex Vynokur, said.

"Both TANN and URNM are the first of their kind to be made available to Australian investors. We are proud to continue to expand the universe of opportunities available to investors seeking to add exposure to long-term megatrends to their portfolios."