Artisan Credit Opp fund launches with strong rating

By Penny Pryor

Foresight Analytics has given the actively managed long-short credit fund Artisan Credit Opportunities Fund (ACOF), a STRONG Foresight investment rating and a Foresight Product Complexity Indicator of MORE COMPLEX.

The fund was launched in Australia in November via a partnership with Copia Investment Partners.

The strategy is managed by US-registered Artisan Partners Limited Partnership (Artisan Partners), an investment adviser registered in the US. The credit team is led by Bryan Krug, and the company has carved out strong competitive advantages in selecting and managing credit assets.

The fund invests by using both long and short positions along the debt capital structure/ ratings spectrum in bonds, loans and other securities of corporate issuers

"That the experienced Artisan Partners team is able to execute this unconstrained strategy by taking advantage of opportunities across all phases of the credit cycle, capturing value in mispriced and misunderstood credits during benign environments and capitalising on secular opportunities during economic downturns," Foresight Analytics' analyst, Adam Taxakis, said