AMG Super launches SMSF-like platform

By Penny Pryor

AMG Super has launched Acclaim Super and Pension, an 'individualised platform' which is designed to deliver members similar flexibility to an SMSF, without the administrative burden.

Members are able to choose from the full range of ASX listed shares, along with a wide range of managed funds, term deposits and the ability to participate in corporate actions through brokers.

"The launch of our platform is a significant milestone for AMG and the industry. Our new 'individualised platform' combines the flexibility and benefits of individual HINs for each client with the efficiencies and comprehensive reporting of a modern platform," AMG Super chief executive officer, Alan Hegerty, said.

"Advisers and their clients are demanding flexibility, efficiency and transparency. Our new product delivers a unique non-custodial investment model with a choice of broker within a platform environment. Our product enables advisers to deliver a truly individualised portfolio without the hassle of administrating and consolidating off-platform assets."