AI investment assistant launches

By Penny Pryor

In a sign of what is to come for the financial services industry, online brokerage platform, Tiger Brokers has developed an AI investment assistant, that offers its platform users market analysis based on Tiger Brokers' access to financial data and resources.

Superannuation funds have also been looking at AI applications.

TigerGPT is currently in user testing and will be rolled out on the Tiger Trade platform shortly. It will provide listed companies' profiles and data, investor education materials, and market and stock insights, in response to users' investment-related queries in easily digestible conversations within seconds.

"At Tiger Brokers, our commitment is to constantly facilitate global investing by placing innovations at the centre of every step we take in creating the best possible user experience, boosting our users' overall investing literacy, and bringing more sense to smart investing," founder and chief executive officer of Tiger Brokers, Wu Tianhua, said.

"No more overwhelming mountains of scattered data and information, we believe our TigerGPT feature can bring users a deeply valued fresh breeze, by addressing various queries on investment research, quenching curiosities of specific stocks and industries, and presenting the very piece of information needed in a well-articulated and highly-pertinent manner - all the factors needed before making informed, efficient and smart investments."