A new Frontier in Investment Consulting - The Partners Platform

Frontier Advisors

Frontier has spent the last five years developing a client facing technology known as The Partners Platform (The Platform). Formally launched in 2014, The Platform achieved global recognition in 2015 winning the CIO Magazine Industry Innovation Awards in New York.

Frontier believes this to be a disruptive move both in terms of how they deliver traditional investment consulting capabilities, but also in shaping their new business model of knowledge sharing and collaborative consulting where client and advisor work together, or in some cases where the client completes their own work, especially where expanding internal investment teams now possess the skills to do so.

The Platform is made up of a series of systems and modules:

Mercury is a portfolio management system providing tools to streamline and manage processes and a research database containing all of Frontier's intelligence on thousands of institutional grade investment products and managers. Subscribers can access ratings, notes, updates and Frontier's own research at the click of a button whenever and wherever they want, and can also elect for selected research to be "pushed" through to them as it is uploaded. Mercury also includes a range of self-management tools to store mandate information, internal manager notes and watch lists, and comprehensive compliance solutions to assist with the reporting requirements for both APRA SRF 702 and ASIC's RG 97.

Prism sits alongside as The Platform's portfolio analytics system. Subscribers can use Frontier's proprietary models to perform asset allocation, risk, liquidity, peer comparison and climate change forecasting and analysis. Prism is highly visual and displays critical information quickly and clearly, conveying key portfolio insights in a way that is easy to understand, without compromising detail. Subscribers are able to input their own assumptions and portfolios allowing flexibility in a robust, peer reviewed modelling environment.

RADIAS is an unlisted real assets database and analytics system which analyses real asset portfolios and surveys and tracks the investment metrics and characteristics of the global infrastructure investment market.

The Reading Room is a searchable library of an extensive array of curated external research pieces.

Glide allows users to compare, attribute and benchmark their portfolio against other superannuation fund peers, and rounds out the primary components of the Partners Platform.