Robeco appoints new chief executive

Karin van Baardwijk
Robeco - Chief Executive
Date: 6 October 2021
Position: Chief Executive
By Elizabeth Fry

Robeco has appointed Karin van Baardwijk as chief executive replacing Gilbert Van Hassel who will return to the US after five years in the top job.

Before her promotion, van Baardwijk was deputy chief executive and head of operations.

Since joining the fund in 2006, she has had several other senior positions ranging from head of operational risk management to chief information officer.

As part of Robeco's executive committee since 2015, van Baardwijk has played a major role in developing and executing the firm's corporate strategy.

"I am very excited to lead Robeco and proud to add to its long history that goes back for 90 years," she said.

"Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and I personally stand for. I look forward to further driving Robeco's strategic 2021-2025 agenda, to build on the momentum we have and to accelerate growth in all our key strengths."

Van Hassel will stay on as chief executive until the end of the year after which he will take on a senior role in the New York-based ORIX Group.

He expressed gratitude for his tenure at Robeco and thankful for his new job at the financial services provider.

"I also look forward to being reunited with my family."

"To be able to fill the {chief executive} position from our own ranks underlines the strength of our organisation."

The Dutch firm has EUR 200 billion in assets under management, of which EUR 177 billion is committed to ESG integration.