New hire completes MLC Life team

Brett Pickett
MLC Life Insurance - Head of Group Pricing
Date: 20 July 2023
Position: Head of Group Pricing
By Elizabeth Fry

MLC Life Insurance has bolstered its group insurance team with the hire of a pricing specialist.

The appointment of Brett Pickett the head of pricing will help the insurer deliver on the business's plan to offer both competitive and sustainable pricing in a move to secure major new partners.

Pickett has more than 20 years' experience in insurance and economics, including as head of TAL's Group risk finance team and most recently leading TAL Australia's strategic capital and commercial solutions.

Following the recent appointment of Peter Smith to head of business development, MLC Life said Picket joins a deep bench with runs on the board in delivering for significant partners, including Woolworths and Telstra Super.

Further, the insurer said Pickett brings with him a rich understanding of sustainable and competitive pricing and a strong risk and financial background that will lift the insurer's technical abilities over time.

"Brett has the actuarial and economic background to help navigate tough, risky and uncertain times, to ensure innovative solutions and pricing that's sustainable and competitive over the cycle."said MLC Life Insurance chief group insurance officer Mark Puli.

"We're continuing to leverage our rich history of being the best in claims and our deep expertise in sustainable pricing,"

Puli said MLC Life's strength was that it is big enough to deliver and small enough to care and that super funds see a competitive and sustainable approach to pricing.

"Trustees want the best outcome for their members in a strong and competitive market, and we're serious about providing them with a very attractive offering."

Pickett argued that MLC Life offers the best proposition to super funds in the market and he couldn't be "more excited" to help secure more partners and deliver that promise for life to more members."