Morningstar portfolio manager surfaces

Brad Bugg
Evergreen Consultants - Principal Consultant
Evergreen Consultants
Date: 2 November 2023
Position: Principal Consultant
By Elizabeth Fry

Brad Bugg, the long-standing head of multi-asset portfolio management at Morningstar has joined Evergreen Consultants as principal consultant.

Bugg spent six months at TCorp as a senior investment analyst covering fixed interest and credit.

Bugg left Morningstar last December along with Peter Bull, who was head of equities, as Morningstar restructured its investment and research team and decided that two Australian-based roles were no longer required.

The portfolio manager joined Morningstar Australia 13 years ago from Austock Asset Management, where he was an investment analyst.

Before that, he was a director at Dresdner Kleinwort and a senior credit analyst at ANZ.

"Brad has brought his extraordinarily deep knowledge and experience, built over many years running multi-asset managed accounts at Morningstar and other quality financial services firms, to bear immediately," Evergreen said.

"His strong asset allocation and manager selection skills have added significantly to our already strong team.

"Brad is now chairing client Investment Committees for us and looking after a book of our valued clients. Brad has already contributed to our Asset Allocation Committee and has boosted our media presence."