Lifespan adds investment committee member

Jonathan Pain
Lifespan Financial Planning Pty Ltd - Investment Committee Member
Date: 13 December 2022
Position: Investment Committee Member
By Chloe Walker

The privately-owned financial advice network has appointed the high-profile Jonathan Pain to its investment committee.

Pain brings over 38 years of international investment experience and has led investment teams in London, Bahrain and Australia.

Based in Sydney, Pain is the director of JP Consulting and regularly publishes a popular subscription-based report providing investment consulting services to several asset management firms.

Commenting on his appointment, Pain said he was looking forward to joining the committee and working with members to try and determine what financial markets might look like in the future, as well as equipping advisers with products and portfolios to navigate them well.

Currently, Lifespan Investment Committee researches, reviews and approves the products that are offered to the more than 250 financial advisers in the Lifespan advice community.

It also manages the Lifespan MDA & Managed Portfolio Solution, as well as the six portfolios offered through Lifespan's direct investment platform,

Lifespan InvesLifespan chief executive Eugene Ardino said the committee would be strengthened by Pain's deep experience and at times different way of viewing the world.

"Each Lifespan Investment Committee member has been chosen for their diverse background and specialist expertise to help ensure there is diversity in thinking and robust discussion at committee meetings, and ultimately a thoroughly debated approval decision," Ardino said.

"I look forward to Jonathan's contribution to these rich debates and his entertaining and well-researched perspective of the world and willingness to call things exactly as he sees them."