Jeffries trader moves to advice

Michael Vincent
EP Advisors - Senior Advisor
Date: 15 March 2023
Position: Senior Advisor
By Elizabeth Fry

Institutional share trader Michael Vincent has landed at EP Advisors, the boutique specialising in exit strategies for privately held businesses.

Vincent joins EP as an advisor following a three-year stint at Jeffries in equity sales.

Before that, he spent about the same amount of time at Petra Capital and ten years at Citi.
EP Advisers was founded by Melbourne-based Emil Parthenides  who said Vincent's skillset developed at global investment banks would add a tonne of value for the firm and clients who have very successful family businesses with annual profits of between $1.5 million and $20 million.

"You don't see many people of Michaels' calibre leave the listed for the private investment sector, and when the opportunity came up, we were keen to take it," he added.

"Michael we knew previously, and we were confident adding a fresh, completely different perspective to what we tend to see would be a valuable asset to have."

The EP director stated that Vincent was currently assisting the team on an insurance services M&A transaction quickly adding significant value for their client.

According to the recruit, moving from listed to private markets was an easy decision.

"I get to apply my company research, analytical, sales and negotiation skills which I've gained over the past 20 years whilst working with some of Australia's biggest companies and apply it to SMEs which engage EP Advisors at a pivotal point in their journey," he added.

"With my experience and relationships with exec teams in the listed space, I believe from a reverse engineering perspective I can add significant value to SMEs seeking a strategic exit strategy.

"Identifying business opportunities and then influencing an outcome to help businesses achieve their maximum value will be my priority at EP Advisors."

In a LinkedIn post, Vincent underscored the difficulty of living through exceptional times, most noticeably the dot-com bubble, the Euro debt crisis, and the surreal time on Wall Street through the GFC.

"I've advised companies raising billions of dollars and guided several from being small businesses to listed companies with thousands of shareholders. All of which has taught me that each business is unique and requires specific strategies for them to succeed."