Former AustralianSuper boss joins KPMG

Ian Silk
KPMG Australia - Advisor
Date: 26 November 2021
Position: Advisor
By Elizabeth Fry

Former AustralianSuper boss Ian Silk will join KPMG as a special advisor on ESG strategies.

In this role, Silk will work on ESG matters as part of the firm's plans to help clients focus more on ESG responsibilities as well as on investment and infrastructure matters, strategy, and leadership issues.

Silk spent almost 30 years leading the $233 billion AustralianSuper and its predecessor, the Australian Retirement Fund.

His appointment as a part-time advisor comes as KPMG expands its ESG practice and introduces new initiatives such as launching a decarbonisation hub and training KPMG's staff in ESG matters.

"I'm highly motivated about the opportunities in ESG," said Silk, adding that ESG issues are fundamentally investment and financial issues.

"There is greater recognition in the market that most strong performing companies are those that take ESG matters seriously in the day-to-day running of their businesses.

"It's a top-order issue in Australia, with companies heavily exposed to climate change risks, and regulators are continuing to escalate their expectations in how we should manage those risks."