Copia hires distribution manager from BT

Greg Black
Copia Investment Partners Ltd - Distribution Manager
Copia Investment Partners Ltd
Date: 6 October 2021
Position: Distribution Manager
By Elizabeth Fry

Copia Investment Partners has hired former BT distribution specialist Greg Black as its Queensland distribution manager.

Black joins Copia from BT Financial Group where he held several roles over the past 15 years including regional distribution manager for BT Open for the last three.

He brings to the role more than 20 years of experience in financial services working across network development, platforms, funds management, insurance, and financial planning.

Previous jobs include working as a financial planner at the Davidson Financial Group and as a distribution manager at Colonial First State.

"We're delighted to have Greg join our team as we seek to build Copia's distribution footprint with financial advice practices in Queensland," said John Clothier, Copia's general manager of distribution.

"Greg's strong network, coupled with his experience and understanding of key facets of the advice chain, including platforms and financial advice, will assist in our efforts to become a premium provider of product solutions to Australian investors."

Copia is an Australian investment distribution and support company with six partner fund managers including, OC, Vertium, Chester, ECP Asset Management, Artisan Partners, and TT International.

The Artisan Partners Global Discovery Fund, which launched in mid-2020, has attracted over $200 million in retail flows.

"Greg joins at an exciting time of growth for Copia. TT International was signed up as an investment partner in June 2021 and has already received a recommended rating from a major Australian research house," Clothier added.

"All Copia products now have at least one recommended rating from an Australian research house, with increasing platform representation."

The investment house is currently looking to appoint a senior compliance officer.