Aviva appoints head of climate policy

Nick Molho
Aviva Investors Pacific Pty Ltd - Head of Climate Policy
Aviva Investors Pacific Pty Ltd
Date: 16 March 2023
Position: Head of Climate Policy
By Rachel Alembakis

Aviva Investors has hired Nick Molho as the new head of climate policy.

Arriving in June Molho will report to Steve Waygood, chief responsible investment officer and in his new role will focus on promoting the net zero transition at a sectoral level, "as well as helping to identify and advocate for specific government policies that would drive a just transition, starting with hard-to-abate sectors such as energy, heavy industry, aviation and shipping.

He joins from Adersgate Group, where he was executive director. Aldersgate Group is a cross-economy membership organisation focused on accelerating the UK's transition towards a competitive, resource efficient and net zero emissions economy.

At the Aldersgate Group, Molho led the overall strategic direction, work programme and policy advocacy activities for the last eight years.

"Nick is a hugely respected figure on a broad range of sustainability issues, and I have long admired his work at the Aldersgate Group and before. He brings an unrivalled amount of expertise in this field," Waygood said.

"His experience of engaging with companies, financial institutions, regulators, governments and policymakers will be invaluable.

"I am greatly looking forward to working more closely with him and continuing to advance our macro stewardship programme, which has considerable potential to help power the transition towards a sustainable future."

Aviva Investors' macro stewardship programme focuses on engagement with governments, policymakers and other stakeholders to "correct market failures on sustainability issues," Aviva Investors said.

"Aviva Investors is an organisation I hold in high regard, and one which has been taking material action to shape the transition towards a sustainable future from within the private sector by actively engaging with real economy businesses and financial institutions, as well as with global governments, regulators and standard setters," Molho said.

"Such activity is critical in ensuring capital flows into the right activities in the global economy and leads to meaningful change. I look forward to using my knowledge and experience to build on Aviva Investors' achievements to date and supporting its ongoing work in calling for a timely and successful transition to net zero emissions."