ART hires senior PM for capital markets team

Angus Blundell
Australian Retirement Trust - Senior Portfolio Manager
Australian Retirement Trust
Date: 16 November 2022
Position: Senior Portfolio Manager
By Elizabeth Fry

Australian Retirement Trust has confirmed that Angus Blundell has been promoted to senior portfolio manager after only ten months on the job.

Blundell has been hired as a senior portfolio manager in the fund's capital markets team.

ART said he has moved to the investments team from the investment operations team, where he was a senior investment operations specialist.

Blundell moved across from Sunsuper at the beginning of this year when the merger with QSuper to create the $230 billion pension megafund, was finalised.

There he worked in much the same role.

Before that, he spent six years, at QSuper after which he took a quick detour to QIC as a business consultant before joining SunSuper.