ART hunts for sustainability staff

By Elizabeth Fry

Energy transition has created a slew of key positions that need to be filled, according to the $240 billion Australian Retirement Trust.

ART's head of sustainable investments, Nicole Bradford, said that issues such as climate change and the global challenge of transitioning the economy to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, meant carrying out more work and adding eight new people to newly created roles.

This follows recent comments by ART investment chief Ian Patrick that themes like the energy transition will require significantly more expertise and demand new skills.

"With the upcoming release of our Net Zero 2050 Roadmap outlining our

climate-related interim targets and proposed actions to support the climate transition in our portfolio, we now need to focus on building strong internal capabilities to support the investments team in implementing this ambitious plan," she said.

Bradford confirmed that members were more conscious of ESG issues and said there is a growing demand to understand how their retirement savings are meeting sustainable objectives.

The sustainability head wants to hire talented individuals with expertise in stewardship, ESG integration, research, impact investing, managing sustainable investment options, and ESG data and analytics.

"I urge anyone who is interested to apply today and make a real difference to our members' lives while working with some of the best minds in the industry and playing a role in shaping the future of sustainable investing," Bradford said.

ART is looking to recruit:

Senior Portfolio Manager - ESG Member Choice Options & Impact Investments

Portfolio Manager - Research & Reporting

Portfolio Manager - ESG Member Choice Options

Portfolio Manager - Impact Investments

Portfolio Manager - Stewardship (Public Markets)

Associate Portfolio Manager - Public Markets ESG Integration

Senior Portfolio Analyst - Private Markets ESG Integration and Stewardship

Senior Portfolio Analyst - ESG Data & Analytics