Nicolette Rubinsztein

The hot button diversity topics for boards

Sexual harassment, paternity leave, and gender nonbinary are the three top diversity topics for board discussion, says high-profile independent director Nicolette Rubinsztein

Damon Hambly

Team spirit: IML's focus under a new CEO

Investors Mutual Limited (IML) recently appointed CEO Damon Hambly spoke to Industry Moves about what he intends to focus on in the new role.

Fintan Thornton

Rebooting retirement creates new jobs

The Retirement Income Covenant has prompted funds to switch their focus from wealth accumulation to creating retirement income products. Since there isn't a deep pool of existing talent in the sector, Fintan Thornton from Allianz Retire+ reckons it's a great time to get into this sector..

Alan Logan

TPT Wealth to build distribution team under new general manager

New general manager at MyState's wealth management business TPT Wealth, Alan Logan, responded to some questions from Industry Moves about how he plans to grow the group's distribution team and strengthen its ESG solutions.

Helen Lorigan

The value of culture in guiding a business through COVID

Sapien Ventures managing partner and head of wealth sector Helen Lorigan shares how her career experiences helped guide the company and the boards she sits on, including CPA Australia and FINSIA, through the ups-and-downs of the global pandemic.

Joshua Drake

'I do spreadsheets to calm down': Adviser profile on Joshua Drake

For Crosbie Wealth director Joshua Drake, a childhood spent getting by without much evolved into a consuming passion for understanding money and the systems that control it. Now he has an intense focus on sharing his knowledge with others who seek the freedom financial security can provide.

Ben Neilson

Out of the Muay Thai ring, and into the financial planning fire

Current financial adviser, and former Muay Thai fighter, Ben Neilson decided nearly a decade ago that it was time to consider a career with a bit more 'longevity' and hasn't looked back since.

Karen McLeod

Making ethical specialisation work: A planner's journey to live their values

Karen McLeod decided to specialise in ethical investment advice after seeing Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, and has watched as the sector has grown and become more widely accepted since then.

Ben Nash

From Kangaroo herder to financial planner: Adviser profile on Ben Nash

Ben Nash founded Pivot Wealth in order to help people maximise all the financial opportunities available to them.

Caroline Bell

Planning in Berlin: How to operate a business from offshore

Caroline Bell is based in Berlin Germany, but until December last year was also a registered Australian financial planner.