Russell Investments' Currency Management

Russell Investments - Currency Management

Russell Investments specialises in currency management services for institutional investors, with a range of services which include Foreign exchange trading, Currency overlay, Transaction cost analysis, and Conscious Currency™.

Downside protection overlays

Russell Investments - Downside protection overlays

In the current environment of heightened volatility, investors are seeking downside protection at a reasonable price. Russell Investments has introduced downside protection overlays to meet the needs of this new risk-on risk-off world.

Customised Portfolio Services (CPS)

Russell Investments introduces the Customised Portfolio Services

Russell Investments' Customised Portfolio Services extends the in-house resources of superannuation and investment funds to help reduce investment management costs, enhance returns, access discrete factor exposures more precisely and reduce portfolio risks.

Evergreen Consultants

Evergreen Consultants offering bespoke investment solutions

Launched by co-founders, Angela Ashton and Brett Baker, Evergreen Consultants is an investment consulting group that helps financial advisers and small institutions build customised model portfolios.

The Partners Platform

A new Frontier in Investment Consulting - The Partners Platform

Frontier has spent the last five years developing a client facing technology known as The Partners Platform (The Platform). Formally launched in 2014, The Platform achieved global recognition in 2015 winning the CIO Magazine Industry Innovation Awards in New York.