Damian Moloney

The brave new world of asset consulting

The investment management and superannuation industry has changed markedly over the last decade. Not only has it grown in size, but it has also had to deal with a wealth of new regulation, a rapidly evolving technology space and a tightening of margins.

Ron Liling

Where are they now? Ron Liling on how not to invest

In 2006 Old Mutual bought Intech, the asset consultancy co-founded by Ron Liling. Liling was a major Intech shareholder but he and Old Mutual parted ways. He tells us what he's doing now and how not being "answerable to anything and everything" yields far better results.

Carly Loder

Where are they now? From BT to Fox Sports, Carly Loder is living the dream

Carly Loder was chief marketing officer at BT Financial Group from 2007 to 2012. Following her 'passion for all things sport', she is now on the board of Surfing Australia and heads up marketing and communications at Fox Sports.

James Tomkins

Sports stars and financial services - same same but different

Life as a professional athlete or sports star obviously has a use-by date. And finding employment after a high-profile career in the spotlight can be difficult, as recent press around famous swimmers has highlighted.

Penny Pryor

May appointments herald structural change

Although there were plenty of appointments announced during the month of May, the emerging trend is one of structural change, rather than a growing industry.

Jeff Rogers

Retail or not-for-profit - no longer an us or them

Penny Pryor talks to two professionals who have made the switch to the 'other side' of the industry, whether that be not-for-profit or retail, and discovers that maybe the differences aren't that great after all.

Chris Corneil

Where are they now? Chris Corneil on life after Russell Investments

Chris Corneil arrived in Australia as a fresh-faced backpacker some 25 years ago. He never left. After a distinguished career in financial services - the last four years of which spent as CEO, Australasia of Russell Investments - his professional life has taken a different turn.

SLICE survey

Financial Planners have their say

The SLICE survey is conducted nationally in March, July and November to canvass the opinions of independent financial planners on a broad range of industry and business issues.

Alan Beasley

Where are they now? Alan Beasley on everything that is wrong with financial services.

Alan Beasley was managing director and country head of BNP Paribas Investment Partners from 1996 to 2002. In the first of our regular Q&As that ask 'Where are they Now?', he speaks with Penny Pryor about his views on financial services and what he's been up to since.

Michael Baldwin

Life after financial services

A career in financial services doesn't mean you'll never work anywhere else. Penny Pryor talks to three professionals whose skill sets learnt in the industry have made them perfect for roles as diverse as board directorships and art gallery executives.